The Influence of Mughals on the Indian Cuisine Posted by: Mughals Restaurant

The Muslims from the western Asia brought the delicious Mughlai foods to India in the twelfth century when Mughal rulers conquered a huge bit of India. Amid the Mughal dynasty, some special dishes were set up for the Mughal Emperors for exquisite eating with nuts and dry fruits. The friendliness of sharing of food to...
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Saffron – One of the most valuable Spices of the Mughal Era Posted by: Mughals Restaurant

India was invaded by the Mughals in the 16th century and they introduced different exotic nuts, spices and fruits. Many different goods were exported to the British by the Mughals which included aloes, tea, silk, coffee, and cotton cloth. Other than this, different types of spices were also exported for example, ginger, pepper, cloves, saffron,...
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Biryani – A Dish for Mughal Royalty Posted by: Mughals Restaurant

Cuisines develop and change after some time, leaving an impact on the essential parts of history. The subcontinent in the past has been subject to numerous invasions; and with each invasion came the way of life and different cuisines of its invaders. The Reign of the Mughals from fifteenth to nineteenth century left the most...
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