The Secret Behind Delicious Mughlai Food Posted by: Mughals Restaurant

A cuisine known for richness – Mughlai cuisine initially developed in the magnificent kitchens of the Mughal Empire. Amid the Mughal rule, from 1426 to 1857, the food was prepared with a number of seasoned sauces and a huge amount of butter was used to make the curries. But what makes this cuisine so exceptional?...
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The Perfect Infusion of Spices – Know All About the Mughlai Cuisine Posted by: Mughals Restaurant

Mughlai Cuisine is a pure fusion cuisine – its incredible blend of ingredients and the perfect balance of herbs and spices creates the ideal taste. It was greatly influenced by the Central Asian Cuisine as the Turco-Mongil Mughal emperors hailed from there, influencing the cooking styles of modern Pakistan, India, as well as Bangladesh. Babur...
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